Assay Services for Process Chemical

Samples we test:

Analysis of Acids and Bases

Process chemistries need high precision chemical analysis for composition. This is often done to test for either incoming quality of a reagent or to understand the strength of a chemical while in use. In the semiconductor industry the analysis to define and measure a “bath-life” for the process tool owner is vital. PRECILAB uses the latest in automated titrimetric analysis to enhance the precision and accuracy of the test data. Autotitration is used to determine the concentration of chemical components in mixed acid etchants, dilute hydrofluoric acid, and peroxides in chemical mechanical polishing agents. Assay is used to confirm the certificate of analysis or to verify in-line, batch, or controlled blending when process chemicals must be measured prior to or after processing.

Analysis of Solvents

PRECILAB does assay analysis of solvents using gas chromatography (GC-FID). The purity of a chemical such as the isopropanol (IPA) is by measured by comparison to solutions of known purity or concentration. In addition, it is possible to identify and quantitate other organic chemicals potentially present in the sample with some knowledge of the sample and comparison to known possible contaminates standards. If the GC-FID is not able to identify some of the organic impurities, PRECILAB can use the GC-MS for identification of unknown organic impurities.


  • Autotitrator
  • Gas Chromatograhy (GC-FID)