Trusted by many of the top Fortune 500 chemical manufacturers, our laboratory team takes great pride in delivering world class results. PRECILAB can provide analytical and contamination consulting services based on over sixty years of accumulated experience in process chemistries, contamination control, ultra-pure water testing, laboratory setup, and protocol review.

Analytical Consulting
Most process chemistries offer challenges that arise due to advanced applications and formulations either in use right now or anticipated. In an analytical setting, method development and continuous improvement traditionally mean lower detection limits. Moving on to the next level of trace analysis requires more than expensive instrumentation. Getting there requires a depth of experience and knowledge. Let us help you apply the tools and methodology necessary to reach your goals, enhance quality, and establish a competitive edge.

Contamination Consulting
The services we provide to our customers make us acutely aware of how important contamination and root-cause analysis is to chemical and semiconductor manufacturers. Helping customers understand their specific problem is more than just providing numbers, ultimately it is about knowing what chemicals, materials, or practices are in use that lead to a contamination problem. Difficult contamination problems can be costly to solve both in terms of lost production and wasted effort. We can help isolate and identify the source of a process contamination and gather the data needed to re-qualify a process. In a similar way, dealing with the packaging of chemicals and shelf-life problems is extremely difficult to solve in electronic grade products without both reliable data and insight.

Ultra-pure Water
Process water has always been of critical importance when purity is paramount. Point of use generation along with blending and dilution at the tool place a premium on the delivered quality of process water. Complete characterization of contaminants in ultra-pure water demands the application of proven technology and sampling methodology. We can do more than send you the bottles you need, we can help you improve all aspects of the analysis process.

Laboratory Setup and Protocol
Fine tuning the build out of a modern trace analytical laboratory can save any organization significant cost and time. Building new or upgrading existing facilities is driven by the need to prevent and control the advent of contamination once in actual use. The chemistries involved and the purities to be achieved may present problems previously unknown or misunderstood. Our staff has been involved in all phases of laboratory planning and construction over many years. Call us and get the answers you need.